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. i have a two-part question for you. the first part is we know this as with the, detroit going bust or so the first part of the question is, what cities are having the renaissance you are talking about? and whitey think that this? been what cities are not? >> guest: the cities, our city story is a tale of two cities. the detroit story is sort of separate. one of the things that's lost in the discussion about detroit and our cities is city economy and fiscal health oftentimes do different things. look at new york city. new york is thriving by any definition but if you look at neighborhoods like the meatpacking district. and 70 and and 80 you wouldn't be caught dead there now. it's a casting call. it's like the place to be. that never would've happened before. sunnier kids kind of like an amusement park in many ways now where it used to be, the economist and very well. new york has fiscal problems, too. many of the same problems that detroit has. so those are two kind of different things. detroit is some of the rust belt cities are still adjusting to a massive shift in the coming from
of this fiscal approach. then we can say to cities like detroit and others, we've got the answer, that you don't have to do what you did in the past or don't fall into the traps that we have the answer here in san francisco. and that will continue to be a consensus building approach taking care of our responsibilities. with that, i'd like to give the podium for a while to this year's chair of our budget committee, of course is mark farrell. (applause) >> well, thank you to mayor lee for his great leadership during this process. you know, after months of debate in city hall, after six town halls in our different neighborhoods, after an online town hall, i think what i'm most proud of today is that we're signing a budget that is not only representative of the mayor and his team and the board of supervisors, but as we stated in the beginning, we wanted a budget that reflected the values of san francisco, of all san francisco. and i think we've achieved that today. i want to take a quick moment to thank all those involved, starting off with my colleagues on the board of supervisors, to everyone. i
or detroit where the crime rate has certainly not fallen. look, crime is done by criminals and criminals create -- the average real criminal would produce about 15, 16 crimes a year. a late criminologist james p. wilson pointed out. if you don't want them to commit crimes, you have to take them off the street or suppress them. that's an established fact of criminology. if the cops in new york are going to step back, i think the criminals are going to step forward. it's not an experiment that i think any of us wants to take having lived in the city in the '70 s and '80s. >> supreme court said in terry versus ohio that cops can stop and frisk people as long as they have a suspicion that a crime has been committed or will be committed or the person might be armed. does this decision go directly in the face of that? >> no. that's why she did not overturn the stop and frisk policy. she knew there was a precedent. >> she's going to micro manage it. >> the eighth or ninth monitor of the police department. to the extent this results in less effective policing in these communities, it's going to
managers with the power to set aside elected governments most famously in the largest city, detroit. pennsylvania governor tom corbett, so unpopular may not run for election in 2014, pushed forth a law disenfranchising voters prompting the court to smack it down. equally unpopular governor rick scott refuses to budge on the state's stand your ground law trying a second percentage of the voter rolls, no likely that legitimate voters will be bumped off the roles. governor kasich in ohio signed new restrictions on reproductive rights. the governor in maine, education andy, a included state funding for religious schools. list goes on and on. far right republican governor implementing agendas. north carolina, its governor, pat mccrory promised if he won, which he did last november, he wouldn't sign any new abortion restrictions into law. he did just that putting his signature on a bill last month that tucked those restrictions into a motorcycle safety measure. this week mccrory signed a bill into law that takes voter suppression to a whole new level. north carolina's new voter law requir
of passengers. that was november 1972. went three fugitives from justice to me from detroit and one of the brothers from tennessee hijack a southern airways flight over alabama. their demand was $10 million, which is by far record ransom demand. but they said that they didn't get $10 million they were going to crash the plane into the oak ridge national laboratory which has a nuclear reactor with uranium-235, which, of course, a comic bombs. urgently, what happens, they were circling around knoxville waiting for the money to be gathered by southern airways which had a hard time getting the money. eventually they get $2 million a log the back of $2 million on the plane. $2 million with 150 pounds. so these three minutes need so these three minutes need money so these three minutes need money and they're like it's $10 million, it's got to be. so fortunate it didn't bother to county. if they would realize they've been shorted by $8 million, who knows what would've happened? it end up going into cuba and their imprisoned and things don't end well for them. but after that, shortly afterw
was in detroit and the lady had a ministry to moms. she goes to the muslim house. out of the room comes another pregnant mom. and not of the room comes another pregnant mom, all pregnant by the same guy. and then another guy comes up and says, i am in the neighborhood and thoughtful, the muslim but a whole bunch of houses on the street. he is away from each one, tells them to sign up for welfare and they are all being paid for by the state. so they practice it in her house and then on their street and then a part is in their neighborhood. and then make it a community like dearborn. since they're the ones in charge, they vote muslims into the leadership and began to have their call to prayer. it takes over a puddle by the dole. an example of sharia law. in morocco, the judge ordered a girl to marry her and she committed suicide. these are political militant muslims that want to move into the west and it's important for us to grow up and realize that islam is not just a religion. it's a political military system because mohammed was not just a religious leader. >> okay, any other questions? >> ni
. >> although we do think city employees working for detroit did think they would get a reasonable retirement compensation the pension cut of even 20 percent could be devastating with the mismanagement of the budget is a reason to eliminate pensions. >> the it is helped to elect the same liberal idiots that lost their pension-fund they reaped the benefits now they should pay for their mistakes as the only way we will ever regain control of the lost government. >> great e-mail's. e-mail me. finall it is frustrating not there as an individual investor first the.com both in the mortgage meltdown then the great recession. it is tough to keep the faith when your portfolio and gyms around like a yo-yo but the top story of alternative investments points out the desperate place people will go to get a return. the trouble there is many have exorbitant fees and the performance does not make it worthwhile to invest a think we should think of alternative investing in a different way but pick something you know, or love or somebody else and starts a new business american ingenuity comes in dferent packag
five. detroit is 28. tampa bay and then arizona at number 30, the falcons are next to last and the oakland raiders are right there at the bottom. what do you think? why are these teams at the bottom? >> pam, as you can tell, i probably don't think too much about this survey and only thing to figure out is they don't have a star on the helmet or play in a $1.2 billion stadium. outside of that, i think the survey is flawed. >> all right. well, there you have it. thank you for coming on the show and talking with us. it was a pleasure talking with you. >> thank you. good to see you, pam. >> you, too. >>> remember wild thing? that character had nothing on steven strasburg. he was ejected after three straight wild pitches. washington manager davey johnson hinted payback is coming after nationals outfielder harper was hit by a braves pitcher three times in four games. johnson was also ejected. >>> and the tragic sports story to pass along for you now. atlanta area high school football player died after breaking his neck in a preseason game. the 16-year-old corner back went limp im
be competing with things that illinois can't do, detroit can't do, california can't do. he's the guy who did what a lot of failing big states, new york, hasn't been able to do. he did it working where the democrat house and senate guys. so the new governors, scott walker who took on organized labor, chris christie, so he, scott walker, both of these guys have more accomplishments as governor than bush did, partially because the bar was lower when bush was there. and he had a pre-reagan republican party, guys who joined as democrats and weren't quite with the program. walker had a more republican legislature in wisconsin. >> i like the idea of all of them being vocal to help define the party instead of just having one person or a detractor do it. i think it's a great bench. >> there is a difference between everybody out there being very vocal and everybody out there tearing each other up. >> the problem with the republicans right now is you have those people, you also have the rand pauls, the ted cruise otherwis kruz oigs of the party that are pushing a message of exclusion, a message panderi
you think martin luther king would be saying about what has unfolded in detroit? >> well, i think obviously he would be very concerned. he would be outraged today that in america, black youth unemployment is close to 40% and real unemployment in this country is 14%. he talked about and led and moved toward that march on washington, that poor people's march at the time that he died, what he was talking about is an economy of full employment. massive investment in job creation and not just for african-americans. he was bringing together hispanics, poor whites and he was saying we have got to stand together and too often, ed, we forget about that aspect about martin luther king jr. and we simply focus on his enormously effective work in desegregating america. >> that day, what was the mood like? if you have to capture the emotion and memory about what that day was like, what would you say? >> enormous optimism, enormous excitement about the fact that so many people of all colors, of all ages came together in washington, d.c. that was unprecedented up until that point. the king speech
in detroit. they have nothing. >> exactly. the white man was made in a failed science experiment, things like that muslim i've spoken to in the middle east, they use the word "cult" see it as a bad substitute, a reverse islam. it's not remotely the same. i think at this point ampac is desperate for something that will work and rescue this thing. >> with 10 members they have a long way to go to get to their million marchers of stephen mansfield, thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >>> new allegations about princess diana's death surfacing 16 years after she died in the fatal car crash in paris. claims that have royal watchers buzzing and some people shaking their heads in disbelief. >>> first new research finds facebook is depressing you. how is that happen? the doctor is here next about your facebook depression. she's still the one for you - you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)